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Where science and technology with beneficial effects become a fine art

About us

ELIXEER COCKTAILS is an innovative experience in professional mixology and can be find exclusively in selected bars worldwide. Elixeer Cocktails line-up consists of 5 products: four are alcohol-inspired flavours (RUM, VODKA, GIN, TEQUILA) and one is ORIGINAL, flavourless. It contains CBD in molecular form which is up to 10 times more effective than conventional CBD oils.


A unique combination of CBD in molecular form with mixed drinks in your favourite bar or restaurant.

Thanks to this unique molecular nanotechnology, CBD is fused with pure water, creating an easily absorbable nanoemulsion able to fully blend with your body.

Particles of the active ingredient ranging around 20-25 nanometers allow a very high tissue permeability, which substantially increases the availability of CBD in human body and accelerate its effect. CBD particles are so small that they penetrate the mucous membrane in the mouth and the effect can develop almost immediately. This is a huge difference when compared to conventional CBD oils, which only start to act in our digestive tract.


Not intended for retail.
For professional use only.


Elixeer Cocktail is enhanced with CBD in a nano technology form.

  • Made from pure natural ingredients
  • High content of cannabinoids
  • Unique nano technology
  • Full solubility in beverages
  • Flavours for combination with a wide range of mixed drinks

Effects of CBD in combination with alcohol consumption:

Studies in this area suggest that the use of CBD significantly helps to:

  • Reduce adverse effects of alcohol in human body
  • As a strong antioxidant, CBD acts as a protection against cell damage
  • CBD acts directly in the liver and helps their regeneration
  • CBD significantly reduces the intoxicating effect of alcohol and allows for a higher tolerance of elevated blood alcohol levels
  • Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, it reduces discomfort after drinking alcohol, including nausea and hangovers